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Oyster 2 Launch Event Friday 4th July to Monday 7th July 2014


iCandy Event with iCandy Bill Friday 11th April 2014


iCandy Raspberry new images, release date tbc


Peach 3, the much Awaited Pictures


Car Seats - the facts, the myths and the dangers


Zapp Xtra 2, just arrived!


Harrogate Nursery Fair 2013



Bubble, London



Aquascale launched in the UK



Nappuccino Event with Itti Bitti




Everything Baby at Driffield Show

Kind Und Jugend 2016



The cream of dolls prams the MiPeach is a toy, and a Peach, with the legendary iCandy Peach push, colourways of Royal and Bubblegum to match current Peach 2016 and an amazing level of functionality including front swivel wheels plus child and world facing seat. With just a few press stud clicks the carrycot transforms into a stroller, with recline function all under your child's control. Meanwhile Mum & Dad can adjust the height to match your child.

iCandy MiPeach Dolls Pram
MiPeach Royal

MiPeach Child Facing

MiPeach Royal with Carrycot
iCandy MiPeach Royal and Bubblegum
iCandy MiPeach Seat Recline
iCandy MiPeach Bubblegum Carrycot

iCandy MiChair

iCandy MiChair
Due for release Spring /Summer 2016


iCandy Peach 2016
Peach 2016 Blossom in Bubblegum
Peach 2016 in Honeycomb
Peach 2016 in Royal
iCandy Peach Blossom in Truffle
Peach 2016 Twin in Bubblegum
Peach 2016 in Honeycomb
Peach 2016 Carrycot in Royal
iCandy Peach 2016 redesigned buckle
Truffle (Top)
The iCandy Peach 2016 with leatherette handle, leatherette bumper, new choice of seat frames, re-designed buckle and fresh new colourways including Bubblegum, Honeycomb, Royal, Truffle, Black Magic, Claret, Primrose, Olive and Butterscotch.
Honeycomb available in Everything Baby and selected stockists.
Bubblegum and Royal also available as child's version MiPeach.

Available to pre-order now for collection from October 2015 - call instore for more details.

iCandy Peach 2016 all colours

iCandy Peach 2016 available to pre-order now
iCandy Peach 2016 in Black Magic
iCandy Peach 2016 in Bubblegum
iCandy Peach 2016 in Claret
iCandy Peach 2016 in Honeycomb
iCandy Peach 2016 in Olive
iCandy Peach 2016 in Peacock
iCandy Peach 2016 in Primrose
iCandy Peach 2016 in Royal
iCandy Peach 2016 in Truffle


iCandy Peach All Terrain
Peach All Terrain Eclipse
Peach All Terrain Pace
New Peach All Terrain in Eclipse (Black with Black Frame) and Pace (Red Highlights on Standard Frame)

Strawberry - expect a price increase so order now for current price of £550 (includes stroller, carrycot, car seat adaptors, flavour pack, raincovers)

For more details of new range or to view the new catalogue call in store.




iCandy in store event Friday 4th September 2015

iCandy Event 2015

The Peach Designer Collection have been phenominally successful with DC Black Limited Edition already sold though. IF you really like this colourway we still have very limited stock available, call in today to reserve yours.

DC Classic has been extremely popular and is currently available to reserve in store for October collection.



Everything Baby PRICEMATCH

Don't forget we now PRICEMATCH across all our brands on prices available online from the nationals AND instore from any store within a 30 mile radius!

So you can be sure of the best prices, local service and save petrol.

With FREE DELIVERY available on all in store purchases over £100 to Driffield and villages, Bridlington and hope to expand this soon 

Everything Baby, looking after our local customers!

PRICEMATCH applies to all like for like in stock items.


iCandy Raspberry now in store!


Mee-Go Furniture

MeeGo furnitureMeeGo furniture set

Due to launch in November it's made in the UK from solid NZ pine from an approved sustainable source 

Sleigh cot bed with drawer already available.

Oyster 2 Launch Event Friday 4th July to Monday 7th July 2014


Order the new multi-award winning Oyster 2 at this weekend's Launch Event to receive a FREE Footmuff, Changing Bag or Ride on Board AND a FREE Sun Shade, Child Tray, Height Adaptors or Bottle Holder AND be entered into a competition to win your stroller for FREE. Call instore for details.


iCandy Event with iCandy Bill this Friday, 10am - 8pm, all welcome!

Iconic pushchair brand iCandy will be in Driffield on Friday exclusively previewing the iCandy Raspberry (due for release in June) at Everything Baby, Driffield, East Yorkshire.

iCandy Bill will also be bringing the Peach 3 Blossom / Twin, answering any questions and demonstrating their products. Single Peach 3 is already on display in our upstairs showroom.

Pre-orders for Raspberry and Peach 3 accepted now for delivery May - September 2014!


iCandy Peach 3 has arrived now in store at Everything Baby, Driffield, East Yorkshire

The most talked about new arrival of the year, the iCandy Peach 3, has arrived and is now instore at Everything Baby and selling fast. Pre-ordering advised so why not call in today?

iCandy Raspberry, new images, release date tbc
14th February 2014

Arctic Night
Fuchsia Raspberry
Arctic Night Black
Beetle Black
Fuschia Black
Lush Black
Sunflower Black
Wisteria Black
Arctic Night


Peach 3, the much awaited pictures
29th January 2014

Sherbert Stroller
Jet Stroller
Cobalt Stroller
Azure Stroller
Truffle Stroller
Fuchsia Stroller
Sherbet Blossom Jet Blossom Cobalt Twin Azure Blossom Marshmallow Blossom Truffle Twin Fushia Blossom

Peach 3 in Sherbert with Black Frame

Peach 3 in Jet with Black Frame

Peach 3 in Cobalt with Black Frame

Peach 3 in Azure with Chrome Frame

Peach 3 in Marshmallow with Chrome Frame

Peach 3 in Truffle with Chrome Frame

Peach 3 in Fuchsia with Chrome Frame

New for 2014

Many would say that the highly desirable iCandy Peach 2 didnt leave much room for improvement, but we are sure you will be blown away by the new iCandy Peach 3. Available in Jet, Cobalt and Sherbet on a black chassis and Azure, Marshmallow and Truffle on a chrome chassis. The new elavator, supplied in the box, allows you to higher the seat unit to table level in single mode. Handy when eating out and a high chair is not available. The new black wheels are sure to look new for much longer and the 3 position hood is silent. The double kit is now smaller than ever, the lower clips can stay on the chassis when folded or in single mode and the elevator is small enough to fit in your changing bag. Even better the new compact parent and world facing adaptors are available separately and will also fit the Peach 2. Release date to be confirmed soon, send us an email if you would like us to contact you when this item is in stock or call in store today to pre-order yours today!

New from iCandy this spring Strawberry's little sister the iCandy Raspberry, previewed at their 80th Birthday Celebrations is sure to impress with it's lightweight compact fold, vibrant colours and choice of chrome or black chassis. Even better it's suitable from birth without a carrycot. Don't let it's size fool you though, the Raspberry is surprisingly tough and should easily cope with an older toddler or holiday travel.

Click here for iCandy product demonstrations or here for our contact details





Car Seat’s – The facts, the myths and the dangers
(by Everything Baby, Driffield)

There seems to be a lot of confusion about car seats at the moment and what’s safe and what isn’t.  Why has my baby outgrown their infant seat after only a few months?  Why do infant seats face backwards so baby can’t see out?  What’s the problem with second hand seats?  Is there really any difference other than the price tag when they’ve all passed the same safety regulations?  (anyone heard of i-size?)  What’s the big deal with snowsuits?  Can I just buy a booster cushion for my 4 year old?  Are all questions we commonly hear from our customers.

One of the most common mistakes parents make is moving baby into the next stage car seat too early.  There are many reasons for this the most common being thinking their baby has outgrown their infant car seat when their legs reach the edge of the seat, just because they have reached 9kg or wanting baby to have a better view.  In reality baby is much safer facing backwards for as long as possible.  Why?  Well think about it.  If your car is in an accident, even a small shunt from behind, your body naturally moves forward and is restrained by the seat belt, whiplash is common.  If baby is facing backward, this impact is absorbed evenly through the car seat which supports their back, neck and head.  Your baby’s head is disproportionately large in relation to their body and their neck is underdeveloped so it doesn’t take much imagination to realise why it’s illegal for newborn babies to travel in forward facing seats.  In fact in some Scandinavian countries it’s illegal for children to forward face until they are four years old – makes sense when you think their body proportions will only become similar to ours at five years old.  The new i-size legislation our government is in the process of implementing includes compulsory rearward facing until baby is 15 months old.

So, when has baby outgrown their first, rearward facing, infant carrier?  Well, when one of two things have happened.  Either when the top of their head reaches the top of the car seat or when they reach the weight limit for the seat.  On the most popular Maxi-Cosi infant seats the weight limit is 13kg, just 2kg lighter than the weight limit on most pushchairs that are designed to last until your baby is 3 years old!  Many parents worry about their little one’s legs protruding from the seat.  First, make sure that you have removed the newborn insert then, don’t worry.  We often bend our knees to accommodate our legs when sitting, it’s fine for baby to do the same, they are unlikely to be uncomfortable. 

What about second hand seats?  Most people wouldn’t buy from a car boot sale, or a stranger, but would trust a seat from a friend.  After all the biggest danger with a second hand seat is if it’s been involved in a crash, isn’t it?  Well yes, all seats that have been involved in a crash need replacing as they may no longer be safe, but there are other questions to ask when buying or borrowing a second hand seat from the most trusted of friends.  Top of these are “How old is it?” and “What’s its history?”.  Even if your friend bought the seat brand new and it hasn’t been in an accident most seats have a limited lifespan of 5-6 years.  After this time the materials start to degrade and the seat may not be as safe as it use to be and might not pass safety testing.  Additionally, safety advancements are happening all the time so an older seat may not be of the same standard as a newer seat even if manufactured by one of the leading brands in car seat safety.  Another danger with second hand seats is that they are fitted correctly as many no longer have their instruction manuals and not every seat fits every car seat.

Another common question from our customers is “Why is there such a big price difference in car seats if they’ve all passed the same safety legislation?” and If Asda can sell a seat for £25, why cant we?  The simple answer is we could, but we choose not to.  The seats we recommend, the Maxi-Cosi  Pebble and Cabriofix scored 70% and 58% respectively when belted, rising to 79% and 76% with Isofix.  The car seat that comes with our Ickle Bubba car seat package, but can be upgraded, we are told is the same one that scored 46% under a different name.  The infamous £25 Nania car seat from Asda, also sold by Kiddicare under a different name, scored 0% in testing by leading consumer group Which, who recommend not using any seat that has scored less than 40%.  The seat has since been updated to the version on sale at their latest baby event, but when I called up to ask how it had been updated the customer service representative I spoke to didn’t know, but seemed keen to reassure me that it had passed all current safety legislation so there wasn’t a problem with either version.   So at £119*, £99*, £75 and £25 it really is a case of “you get what you pay for”.  You can easily tell the difference yourself between our Cabriofix (58%) and Ickle Bubba (46%) seats just by picking them up and feeling their construction.  Another big difference between the leading names in car seat safety and companies who make the entry level seats, like those sold in Asda, that do less well in side impact and other testing is that they seem less inclined to test, research and publish which cars their seats fit.  Quite a big deal really when you consider that not every car seat fits every car.  The Cabriofix and Pebble are quite slim fitting car seats that fit almost every car (although it’s still advisable to check your car is on the list before first use), some of the cheaper seats are larger or shaped in a way that makes them less likely to fit.  Incompatible car seats and cars can produce a phenomena called buckle crunch.  Buckle crunch occurs when the buckle of your car’s seatbelt is stretched around your child’s car seat making contact with the car seat shell.  In a crash situation the force of the car seat into the seat belt buckle is enough to force it open, releasing the car seat with baby inside.
*Pricematch price, Isofix Base costs extra.

So perhaps the question should be “How can a car seat that scores 0% with Which pass current government legislation?”.  Well, that is a good question and one the nursery industry have been asking for years.  I guess it helps to put it in the perspective that the current ECER44 standard was brought into being back in the early 1980’s when car seat safety was in it’s infancy.  The need to wear seat belts was only just being accepted and it was still common to have young children bouncing around unrestrained on the back seat whilst driving down the motorway at 60 or 70mph, something that would horrify most parents nowadays.  The good news is the government seem to agree this is outdated and has sent a strong message with the new i-size legislation that the standard in the future will be much higher.  So high in fact that when we attended i-size training none of the previously available seats had managed to pass i-size.  In fact despite being in force for several months at that time only 1 seat, the new Maxi-Cosi 2-way Pearl had passed and been homologated with safety certificate no. 01. 

So that leaves snowsuits.  Snowsuits are fabulous for keeping little ones nice and warm in their pushchairs or whilst carried, but not so good in car seats.  In a crash situation the force of the impact would push baby backwards into the shell of their car seat, compressing the snowsuit and creating space between the car seat straps and little one’s body meaning they are no longer safely secured in their car seat and could be thrown from it.  Far better to have non-bulky layers of clothing and cover them with a blanket or to use specially designed car seat footmuffs.

For more information or an informal chat call into Everything Baby, 19 Market Place, Driffield.

6th January 2014


Zapp Xtra 2, just arrived!
January 2014

Zapp Xtra 2 Purple Pace
Blue Denim Zapp Xtra 2
Pink Precious Zapp Xtra 2
Rocking Black Zapp Xtra 2
Purple Pace
Blue Denim
Pink Precious
Rocking Black
Red Denim Zapp Xtra 2
Red Rumour Zapp Xtra 2
Violet Syrup Zapp Xtra 2

The new Zapp Xtra from Quinny is small, lightweight and manoeuvrable. Parent and world faces, folds with the seat on, is suitable from birth* and compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix car seats.

* When used with the newborn insert. Available separately.

Red Denim
Red Rumour
Violet Syrup

Harrogate Nursery Fair 2013
24-26th March 2013

Harrogate Nursery Fair 2013, the big event of the year, lots to see and lots of new releases. We caught up with most of our current suppliers and saw...

iCandy and the new Peach Jogger colours, a major surprise in the unveilling of the new Apple 2 Pear due to be released later this year and the new iCandy Kiwi (so new all we know is it's name! Which was later changed to the Raspberry).


We returned with a sneak preview of the not yet released 2013 catalogue call in store.

Maxi Cosi and a prototype version of the new Pearl 2 (designed to easily facilitate rear facing until 15 months old and beyond before turning around), the new Milofix AND we have now arranged training on the Maxi Cosi Mobi (rearward facing until approx. 5 years old).

Quinny and the new designs on the Moodd (available in store only) and we got to test drive the Zapp Extra as will you be able to when our demonstration model arrives in store soon!!!

Britto Moodd

Baby Jogger. The biggest surprise was the Select. It's been around for a while, but looks better irl and very different to the Peach with it's matt frame, black seats and touch of colour in the hood and accessories. More good news in that the new brochures are at the printers so we should have some in store soon!

BabaSlings were kind enough to give us a demonstration and our demo sling for anyone who wants to pop in and have a go!

Splash About's new colours and swimwear with built in happy nappies will be appearing on our shelves when the weather warms up.

Along with lots and lots of potential new suppliers whose literature we need to sort through!


Bubble, London
28th January 2013

Bubble 2013

We had a fun day at Bubble, the children's fashion event and came back with some fantastic new brands, Teddy & Me premature babywear, Bob & Blossom and Grubbies dungarees.


Revolutionary product, the Aquascale launched in the UK and first stocked at Everything Baby
January 2013



Nappuccino Event
September 2012

Nappuccino 1 Nappuccino 2


Everything Baby at Driffield Show
July 2012

Driff show1 Driff Show 2

Driff Show 3 Driff Show 4



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